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Fairy Tale

Sophie Lombardi

Talented stylist Selena Mitchell from Iggy Mint London created a beautiful fairy tale photo shoot for Poppy and Honesty. The photographs include our bespoke quilt in Liberty of London classic print 'Betsy' with the softest washed linen and a pom pom trim. We hope you enjoy this dreamy series of fairytale images. 

Handmade Liberty Print Moon : Just Acorn

Handmade Liberty Print Moon : Just Acorn

Handmade Lamb :  Just Acorn

Handmade Lamb : Just Acorn

Canopy :  Sebra Interior  Furniture :  Habitat  Cuddly Hippo  Jelly Cat   Handmade dolls and Liberty Print Moon  :  Just Acorn  Bespoke quilt and cushion : Poppy and Honesty  Photography and Styling :  Iggy Mint London

Canopy : Sebra Interior Furniture : Habitat Cuddly Hippo Jelly Cat  Handmade dolls and Liberty Print Moon  : Just Acorn Bespoke quilt and cushion : Poppy and Honesty

Photography and Styling : Iggy Mint London

Have Kids Will Travel

Sophie Lombardi

Halfway through the school hols is not the ideal time to write a blog on traveling with kids. However some of you may be fortunate enough to swoop up good deals outside of the holidays and it's always nice to hear that wanderlust doesn't have to stop after procreation. With family on opposite sides of the globe, we have traveled on 9 long haul flights to and from Australia with our little nippers.  A bit battered but still here to tell the tale, I thought we'd give you a little insight into these bonkers adventures.

Plane travel is the least civilized way to travel with kids. After being confined to a germ box for numerous hours you may end up hating your children, partner and questioning all your life choices. When children are old enough to be plugged into games and movies, plane travel is so much easier. However you'll have to be an expert in fixing gadgets that have been pressed and frozen three million times. I'll put a list of survival tips below, but most importantly if you are traveling alone, you must tell the airline staff as they can provide amazing support.  After 16 flight hours of breastfeeding/baby passed out at the boob bar, a sympathetic stewardess took my little one for a walk. This potentially saved me from a complete public meltdown or throwing myself out of the plane. The lovely staff will look after your kids when you need the loo and bring your food out at a different time so you can feed the nippers first and don't have to negotiate towers of trays on your lap.

Our family enjoys traveling on boats and trains. We can all move around and the journey is most definitely part of the adventure. Boats often have very questionable cabaret/clown acts which are always entertaining. Some even have cinemas and designated kids play areas. There is always the danger of a rough crossing. but the bonus of many travel sickness remedies is that they may make your child sleep all the way ! On trains, the buffet carriage is a highlight as is the fantastic treats trolley. Board games can be spread out and dare devils will enjoy crossing the wobbly bits between carriages.

We've always felt that the benefits of exploring new places and seeing loved ones far outweighs the challenges of family travel, even if we are hissing at each other and the kids learn some more bad words along the way.

Bon Voyage

Sophie xxxx


Top Tips for Long Flights with Small People

1. Loo always just before boarding.

2. Games/Toys that won't end up immediately under seat (stickers, etch-a-sketch things with pens attached)

3. Change of top for yourself if you are feeding a baby on your lap.

4. Buy large kids headphones that will fit the tv jack. Also be prepared to bolster them up on cushions so that they can see the screen.

5. Millions of snacks.

6. Valium .......

Obviously the best kind of travel is in Morris Minor with  Liberty print cushions  and a dashing gentleman

Obviously the best kind of travel is in Morris Minor with Liberty print cushions and a dashing gentleman

Mud and Sparkle- Port Eliot Festival 2017

Sophie Lombardi

Rain most certainly did not stop play at Port Eliot Festival, however those still standing on Sunday night deserved a medal for epic British spirit or at the very least a laminated certificate. At first we were all soooo cool, tipsy and glittery that it was fun to dance in the rain but then the biblical storms started and some of us stayed and some of us ran to Premier Inn which felt like a 5 star holiday resort in Barbados by comparison. 

We thought that folk would stick with their mega Sipsmith bloody Marys rather than brave the swamp to the Workshop Barns, but no, you came and we had a great time at our Liberty Print Workshops. The Grown ups made fabulous sequinned Liberty Print Corsages which glistened against the mud and the kiddos made regal feather headdresses adorned with jewels, liberty prints and beads. Everyone was fantastic, confirming that you can't keep a crafty minx down and  blinging accessories are part of an essential Quagmire survival kit. 

Poppy and Honesty were in such great company at Port Eliot.  Some of our highlights included modern calligraphy with A'Laise,  poetry from Lachlan Murray Young, food from the epic Bhangra  Bus and music from Son of Dave and Sister Cookie. We're already thinking about the gorgeous things we want to make with you next year and will let you know when the first wave of tickets are on sale. 

Yours with damp feathers and sparkly sequins,

Sophie xxxxx



Ice-cream Parenting- scoops to get you through the summer

Sophie Lombardi

During the summer Mr P and I adopt a very popular parenting strategy known as 'Icecream Parenting'. This involves bribery and threats based on icy treats and is typically manipulated very successfully by the little moppets. Last summer they managed to extort at least 1-2 cones a day, increasing to a rather shameful 3 whilst on holiday in Spain (how else do you get them around a Sevillian market?)  July is the official month of the ice-cream and so we thought we'd give you a couple of recipes that are marginally more healthy than the staple Fabs, Magnums and Feasts. They are so easy it's almost an insult to call them recipes, but when the kids are climbing the walls during the school hols (around day 2 for us), these icy treats might just provide 10 mins peace

Strawberries and Cream

As a nod to Wimbledon, this strawberry gelato is so yummy it may even heal Andy's hip. You will need : A fierce blender; a bag of frozen strawberries and 100 mls Double Cream. Shove all the ingredients into your blender and cone up. Top with more cream and strawberries.

Banana Choc Chip

This is a great recipe to use up the over-ripe bananas. Chop them into small chunks and put them in the freezer. You will also need 100mls nut milk and some dark chocolate chips. When you are ready, put all of the ingredients into your blender, blast it until the ice-cream is nice and smooth. Top with a splodge of peanut butter for extra scrumptiousness.

Don't have any cones? These ice creams will be just as delicious sandwiched between two biscuits. They will keep for a couple of days in the freezer before getting too frosty, but best scoffed immediately.

Happy scooping

Sophie xxx

We think this Emma and Georgina Liberty Print is Tutti Fruitti. Get your self some summery pillowcases from Poppy and Honesty  here

We think this Emma and Georgina Liberty Print is Tutti Fruitti. Get your self some summery pillowcases from Poppy and Honesty here