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Hello Spring Summer 2018

Sophie Lombardi

Hello blog-cats, I am sorry its been so long ! We've been so busy developing Poppy and Honesty that I have neglected you like a bad boyfriend. It's been a bonkers few months that has seen the construction of our new studio and expansion of the team to included marvellous Carol and Karen. The studio (glorified shed) is a fantastic 6 steps commute from my front door and whilst its not to proper designer spec, its a darn site better than working at the kitchen table. Also, your orders are far less likely to get dropped into the butter. It's hard to be professional when sharing workspaces with kids, a mad dog and a diy enthusiast. I confess to once including a piece of lego in a  customer's order.

We are now a fabulous team of 4 local crafts people based in Cornwall. Everyone works flexibly in their own time and space to bring our beautiful products to life. We have just launched our Spring Summer Collection 2018 which brings together some delightful prints from Liberty of London to create magical unisex bedding and homewares for children.

'Doe A Deer' is one of this season's heroes from Liberty's 'Alpine Symphony' collection. We fell in love with the gentle cartoon style illustrations and the secret scenes of animals in the woods. Reminiscent of early cartoons such as 'Bambi,' we think your little people will adore finding all the wonderful characters including rustling hedgehogs and pretty bluebirds riding deer.

Bedding in Liberty Print "Sky High'

Bedding in Liberty Print "Sky High'

Sky High' is another favourite of ours from the our new season. Part of Liberty of London's ' Pocket Full of Memories' collection, it is beautifully illustrated with early inventions of flight. The print reminded us immediately of Atticus Potts in Chitty Chitty Bang bang with his wonderful car. 'Sky High' features so much detail including shooting stars, a random pair of binoculars and exploding rockets, perfect for little explorers.  Furthermore, the colour pallet is really gorgeous and includes a strong mustard yellow, which is so popular with contemporary interior design. 

We hope that you enjoy our Spring/ Summer 2018 collection. It has been an absolute pleasure to work on. As I've ranted and rambled on in previous blog posts, I do tire of children's design being specifically 'girly or boyish ' in a very homogenous unicorn or tractor way. We understand that not all your girls want flowers and not all your boys want trains. Hopefully this gorgeous Liberty print interiors collection will be just the ticket.

Thankyou all so much for your support. We'd love to hear your feedback.

Sophie xx

Check out the full collection here.