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Designed for kids, by kids


Designed for kids, by kids

Sophie Lombardi

Poppy and Honesty's exciting unisex range is due to launch in March. In this blog I want to tell you about what inspired its design. As grown ups, we are very good at imposing our impeccable tastes and interiors aspirations on our children. Obviously we aren't going to give them free reign; otherwise we would be living in a heavily merchandised hell hole with footie posters dominating the subtle Farrow and Ball walls. My boys would have a coke machine in their room, six consoles and one of those giant TV's that pops up at the end of the bed. Not Happening. However, there has to be a happy medium, an aesthetic which embraces our children's interests and play whilst not in conflict with our grownup ideals. This has been the driving force behind our latest collection. Over the past month, I have interrogated loads of kids and observed them in their habitat like an OCD David Attenborough. Hopefully we have created a range that we are all going to love.

Kids LOVE colour. Not many children would choose a plain brown cookie over one which has been decorated with brightly coloured smarties. Lots of the children I have spoken to find it difficult to identify a favourite colour because they love so many of them in full technicolour glory. I have yet to meet a child who shows an interest in neutrals and monochrome, however I think that we need neutrals to make our favourite colours explode. Therefore our latest collection combines Liberty Print 'Queue For The Zoo' with neon orange and cool grey. There are lots of vibrant colours within the playful print so pick out your child's favourite and go bananas. Paint an old chair bright yellow or look for a bright purple lamp. There are lots of options to add more colour if you want to. 

Queue For The Zoo from Liberty of London

Queue For The Zoo from Liberty of London

Kids change. We don't want you to spend your hard earned cash on stuff that the children will outgrow quickly. I often equate parenting to throwing money out of a moving vehicle the amount of clothes, books and toys which have a short shelf life. Whilst our new duvet covers feature an animal print, it's zany and cool. I have the authority of my 9 year old and his mates that the crazy coloured critters are not babyish (kudos coming from a child that will not wear a blue anorak).  In fact we have sold many duvet covers in this print to grown men and women including hipster students and they really are very cool.

We hope you enjoy Poppy and Honesty's Spring/Summer 2017 range. We've poured a lot of LOVE for kids into it. With all this talk about children's interiors you probably think we have impeccably stylish kids rooms. On the contrary, pants off the floor + made beds = kids interiors aspirations.

Sophie xxxxx