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Cool ideas for Fathers Day


Cool ideas for Fathers Day

Sophie Lombardi

I like to celebrate the men-folk on Fathers Day, not just because they do lots of good stuff (like take the kids to sport in the rain), but because it sets the precedent for Mothers Day; the most important Hallmark Holiday. I am always on a mission to get the entitled munchkins to give back, usually this doesn't end well. However here are some ideas you might like to try with them on Fathers Day. 

The Dad Cafe

Get the kiddos to make a cafe in the kitchen and plan a breakfast menu (within reason). They can all have a role from maitre-de to cook (toast) and you can dress them up and paint on silly french moustaches.  I'm sure Dad will really enjoy his burnt toast and nutella.

Dad Juice

Dad's need fuel so that they can toss the munchkins in the air before bedtime and beat everyone's kicky-uppy record at kids football. Why not make labels for his favourite beverage with little messages from the kids. My favourite one my son made was FUEL FOR FUNNY JOKES (lets hope it works).


Older kids may enjoy making Dad a treasure hunt with clues. You could do a round of his haunts from the newsagents to the coffee shop to the park and then finally lunch at the pub. They could either leave clues at each destination or make a map for him to collect letters from each place that form an anagram of your final port of call . Obviously Dad may prefer to watch Netflix in his pants with a 6 pack but this is Fathers Day, right?

I am not suggesting that a cuppa and a lie in is not absolutely gorgeous but if you want a project why not have a go at one of the above. To all you fab fellas, Happy Day of the Dad. Thankyou for of all you do.

Sophie xxx