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A very sheepish hello

Sophie Lombardi

I am writing this blog with my tail between my legs. Five years ago I scoffed at social media, laughed at the premise of blogging, thinking what kind of crazy narcissist documents their every move like a reality TV show?  And yet here I am with a full bevy of Social Media accounts embarking on my first blog, feeling very sheepish. 

The truth is this funny old life is quite tricky to navigate and I find great solidarity in sharing ideas with others.  So this is my chance to write about the little things that cheer me. This may sound incredibly shallow but lovely things,  people and places have always got me through. Whether its a great writer. an amazing chocolate cake, a nice thing you can do with your kids or a cool little independent shop, it's about the small light hearted non essentials that keep us ticking over. FEAR not, there won't be sanctimonious life goals nor details of the minutiae of parenting. Essentially its going to be rainbow sprinkles for grownups and I hope that you will join the conversation and let me know what gives you a little spring in your step.

Sophie xxxxx