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Meet The Maker - The Handmade Clothing Company

Sophie Lombardi

This is the last post in our series of Meet The Maker blogs and we have a lovely treat for you. Here at Poppy and Honesty, we regularly get asked if we make liberty print children's clothes and the answer is no (too fiddly for these Frank Butcher fingers)  but we know a woman who does. This week we meet Amy from The Handmade  Clothing Company...


I’m Amy, Mum to three, Seth (11), Theo (6), and Eden (4)  and the founder of The Handmade Clothing Company. After a few years working different Visual Merchandising roles in fashion retail stores I decided to go to uni. I graduated from London College of Fashion just before having my second son. I was so fed up to have ended up in another retail role that I decided to start sewing things to sell to have a creative outlet. I started with mainly bunting and simple items of clothing. After the birth of my daughter in 2014 a fabulous friend from uni suggested using Liberty fabrics and so the idea was born! 

I started making childrenswear samples using classic prints and had a photoshoot at the end of 2014. I finally settled on a name for the brand and launched the website and Etsy store in January 2015! Gradually more styles were added and I gained loyal customers through Instagram that have really been instrumental in raising the awareness of the brand and growing the business. I wouldn't be where I am now without those first customers that still come back today! At the beginning of 2017 I was so busy that I was able to give up my part time job and to work in the business full time! This has meant so much to my family, I can do every school run, I don’t have to worry about childcare in the school holidays and really be there for my daughter who is still undergoing investigations for an Autism diagnosis. Every single order really does mean so much to me!

This year I am continuing to collaborate with the amazing Magnificent Stanley which is an absolute pleasure! We have an amazing collection of prints for this season and some lovely new styles for Summer. I am also working to grow the womenswear offering which is really exciting! The current items in the womenswear collection have been popular and I can’t wait to have more products to offer to the fabulous women that shop with me. And if things continue to grow at the rate they have been for the last year I will be needing much more space to work and some help!! I am really excited to see what we can achieve once all the kids are at school full time! 

We do hope that you have enjoyed our Meet The Maker series. We always like to support our fellow crafty handmaidens and burly handymen, so if you would like to be featured on our blog please get in touch.

Can you believe it's time for the big bunny ? Other than the supermarkets bursting with confection, I'm not even sure you would even know it was Easter.  Whatever the weather, get into the chocolate and have a lovely long weekend. 

Sophie xxxx


Sophie Lombardi

Here at Poppy and Honesty HQ we love to work on your weird and wonderful bespoke orders. Much of our current range has actually been inspired by your requests, it seems that our customers have impeccable style and taste. Sometimes you guys just want something we already have in a bigger, smaller, canine or dolly version.. At other times you'd like a current design in a different fabric.  We will hunt through the Liberty of London archives and all 4 corners of the world for a swatch and send this to you to help with your decisions and conundrums. 

Sometimes our customers come to us with the starting point of a paint colour, an antique or style. In consultation with you we will source fabrics and develop a design in order to create a piece that is completely unique and fit for your purpose. It is always fantastic to watch ideas unfold and sometimes we end up going full circle and working on something completely different. Projects have included window seat cushions, bean bags and curtains amongst lots of others.

We charge very little commission on bespoke orders because we don't have the capacity to hold a huge range of beautiful products and also we love them. Frequently our bespoke orders are for a particularly special occasion. A very dear project we worked on was a nursery set, for a Mum who had been waiting years for a child and had finally adopted a little girl. Another project that springs to mind was a hand-stitched personalised quilt, commissioned by grandchildren for their Granny 's 90th birthday. It is such a treat for us to be a tiny part of these moments. 

If you would like something special please indulge your inner diva and get in touch here. Our record number of email exchanges for a bespoke project is 121 ! I dare you to beat it. 

Sophie xxxx

*Please place bespoke orders before November 25th to guarantee Christmas delivery. 

*For more information on bespoke orders check out our page. 

Hand Stitched Liberty Print Quilt in pink Betsy and ivory linen.   Beautifully crafted item-love it! Sophie went out of her way to do a custom order.  Connie, August 2017

Hand Stitched Liberty Print Quilt in pink Betsy and ivory linen.

Beautifully crafted item-love it! Sophie went out of her way to do a custom order. Connie, August 2017

The school holiday fear and going cold turkey on screen time

Sophie Lombardi

I have fleeting Enid Blyton daydreams about the school holidays where my children go on wholesome adventures to catch butterflies with picnics consisting of homemade bread, jam and lemonade all wrapped up in a checkered tea-cloth. But then reality kicks in and I actually feel a bit sick. I meet lots of enthusiastic Mums in the playground who relish the school holidays' lack of timetable and ample pj time. I am most definitely not one of these Mums, what is the secret to their sparkiness?

I don't have a strategy other than booking the odd holiday programme. With Mr. P away for most of the hols (inciting giant green envy) I know that I will need a break to get on with Poppy and Honesty stuff. However I have my reservations about plugging the kids into devices as I am not sure the knock on effect is worth it. 

Just talking about screen time opens up a can of worms almost as wriggly as breast feeding or childbirth. I am certainly not going to judge anyone using screens to entertain, educate, or buy themselves some time to go to the loo alone or call the emergency plumber. However we've got rid of the screens for a while and the kids have been much nicer. They seem less reactive and more able to engage. Perhaps because they are not thinking about their next move on Clash of Twats or hilarious emoji to send to their pals? Also their testosterone levels appear to have slumped as they are no longer busy wiping each other out on computer games. They are having to do 'other things' and entertain themselves, even if this involves maiming each other with a tennis racket, surely it's better than watching a bored teen fidget spinning on You Tube?  Maybe this is just my own self fulfilled prophecy but family life certainly seems a lot more harmonious without the plug ins. 

We've been Device Cold Turkey for x 4 weeks and so far so good. Obviously I will probably break after Week 1, when I have to locate a Poppy and Honesty order that has gone awol. However, it has definitely been an eye opener and something you may want to consider for a while to change things up.

May the force, all the wine and deep breathing be with you for the next 6 weeks. If you are a sparky school holiday Mum, can you let me in on the secret, pleaaaaase?


Sophie xxxx