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Who took the weekend?


Who took the weekend?

Sophie Lombardi

We all get to the end of the weekend and say to each other 'Where did that go?'. But sometimes we allow ourselves to be robbed of this elusive 2 day break. Whether it was DIY, social media, kids sport, homework, visitors (?), the weekend has disappeared in a puff of smoke and leaves us feeling a bit ripped off. Such was the case in our house this weekend. We were so tightly geared with DIY, that we got to Sunday night and realised that we had  overdone it for a number of weekends in row and had all started to get crotchety and fractious. Time to reset.

Obviously stuff needs to be done. But there are a  lot of things that can be dumped in favour of a family picnic, a walk in the park or just coffee in the sunshine.  It's easy to forget that these times stick us together as a family and when they are few and far between, we easily get fed up with each other.  So I am going to put a circle in the diary and start scheduling in family moments. It sounds ridiculously A-lister and silly, but our generation of parents have never been so gridlocked. 

Social Media is the guiltiest weekend bandit. Poppy and Honesty is a small emerging business, staying on top of the apps is very important and so relentless. With the introduction of Insta-stories, the pressure to keep up and stay in touch with your loyal punters has never been greater. The fact is, filming your family picnic takes you away from the people you are with and back into a work zone. What worries me is what will be next and how to keep up if you don't want the boundaries of your work/family life to become too fuzzy.

Stay with me team pixel. Time to get back on track with the family. You know I still love you even if I have failed to instagram my laundry. 

Have a great week and don't forget to take some time out together. 

Sophie xxxxx